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Singapore • 01 Sep 2023

SAV (service après vente) Specialist

About the opportunity

Watch Specialists who enter the field of horology do so because of the passion and dedication to watches. The skill of watch repairing is a viable career in this age of technology. Given the intricate components that you will work on, you must be meticulous, patient and equipped with sound technical knowledge with an eye towards precision. If you have the criteria that we are looking for, we welcome you to be part of our team and we believe that you are going to be our best asset.

1)      Technical Assistance

  • Identify the problems of watches for internal and external clients
  • Perform the required technical intervention agreed with the client, such as change and maintenance service
  • Perform technical evaluation to identify the service needed
  • Perform complete servicing (general or overhaul) or other type of interventions
  • Report all technical problems to team leader / SAV Manager
  • Responsible for the quality of the watches repaired

2)      Maintenance of Equipment

  • Ensure personalized hand-tools and testing equipment are in impeccable working condition
  • Ensure proper recording of the usage of spare-parts and accessories for repairs. All must be accounted for and documented accordingly
  • Ensure proper housekeeping and impeccable cleanliness of the personal working environment

3)      Compliance with Policies and Procedures

  • Ensure all policies and procedures are followed through in the department

The type of candidate we are seeking

  • A motivated specialist who derives the sense of satisfaction from restoring vintage, tired or even broken time pieces to their original order
  • A seasoned specialist who possesses great hand-eye coordination and the ability to focus on handling the many intricate components of time pieces for long periods of time
  • An eager-to-learn specialist who grasps technical information well and applies it to the time pieces handled
  • A skilled specialist with hands-on experience through repetitive practices to acquire muscle memory; the almost innate instincts on the right amount of pressure and angle to apply to effectively use the tools and even the exact number of oil drips required
  • The role is a profession where you will constantly learn and improve your skillsets
  • A curious candidate who naturally enjoys finding solutions to problems with lateral and logical thought abilities to identify root causes
  • Time pieces are some of the most creative machines that mankind has ever created, and as a watch specialist, you will have the opportunity to discover and explore this human ingenuity

We value forward thinking individuals committed to improving themselves and who are eager to harness their creativity and skillsets. The company remains committed to enabling team members in achieving their career ambitions, recognizing contributions and upholding team members’ well-being.

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