RJ-Romain Jerome: PAC-MAN Level II

New Watch! • 27 Feb 2015

RJ-Romain Jerome: PAC-MAN Level II

RJ-Romain Jerome PAC-MAN Level II
RJ-Romain Jerome PAC-MAN Level II

PAC-MAN Level II: The hunt for the Next Level

Introducing another Generational Icon to its Collaborations collection, RJ-Romain Jerome hunts for “Pac-dots” and “strawberries” with PAC-MAN’s new Level II collection.

Released in Japan on May 22, 1980, the PAC-MAN video game is one of the most successful arcade games of the 1980’s and it is still played and enjoyed today by people around the globe. In addition, Pac-man will be celebrating 35 years of continuous success in 2015! Considered a “Classic” of the 80’s pop culture, RJ-Romain Jerome’s CEO, Manuel Emch, has once again teamed up with BANDAI NAMCO Games Inc. and introduces five new timepieces to the brand’s Collaborations collection: The PAC-MAN Level II collection.

Featuring three models with a new and exclusive black PVD-coated titanium finish, the famous PAC-MAN characters are housed in a Moon Invader 46mm case, bringing the game closer to the stars. The dial of the new PAC-MAN Level II collection stages PAC-MAN, Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde, the four legendary ghosts, in the midst of playing an epic game! Also appearing for the first time, strawberries have made their way into this second level, making PAC-MAN’s mission that much more enticing!

The dial has been meticulously crafted with three different levels, giving depth to the face of the watch.  RJ-Romain Jerome has recreated the PAC-MAN setting, by beadblasting the two lower levels, while the upper level features straight-grained edges. Furthermore, the characters and fruits adorning the dial stem from meticulous craftsmanship and have been machined piece by piece, applied by hand and gem-set. Each character has been lacquered in its original colours, or with black superluminova “blue emission”, recreating the game sequences. Additionally, this new collection features a frozen scene, following RJ’s yellow hero has eaten an “Energizer”, temporarily turning the ghosts blue, and making them vulnerable to his quest! Housed in RJ-Romain Jerome’s famous Moon Invader case, each watch behold on its case back, a PAC-MAN Medallion reproducing the distinct shape of the video game hero.

RJ-Romain Jerome  PAC-MAN Level II 40 Colours
RJ-Romain Jerome PAC-MAN Level II 40 Colours

Have you caught the PAC-MAN FEVER yet? RJ-Romain Jerome definitely has… And to celebrate, the brand doesn’t stop there and introduces two new timepieces in a 40mm case size! Available in black PVD-coated steel, these smaller editions will delight their future owners by keeping the model’s intrinsic design and aesthetic codes.

Available in a limited edition of 20 pieces per model, the Level II collection is a testimony to RJ-Romain Jerome’s passion and admiration for the icons of the 1980’s! Legend of the game-o-sphere and a cultural emblem, PAC-MAN is a must have… So what are you waiting for? INSERT COIN.

The PAC-MAN Level II collection retail price is on application.

The Hour Glass is the exclusive distributor of RJ-Romain Jerome in Singapore.

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