Have you ever been to Malmaison?

Events • 04 Feb 2016

Have you ever been to Malmaison?

Malmaison by The Hour Glass


The First Residential Inspired Luxury Emporium which Celebrates Artistry and Craftsmanship in Singapore

Malmaison by The Hour Glass is a 8,000 square feet luxury emporium, located in the heart of Orchard Road in Singapore.

Malmaison is a first multi-category luxury emporium in its stable to retail the finest and carefully curated collections in horology, sartorial tailoring, fragrances and leather goods. It brings together decades of ideas and passions that culminated in its birth.

Our Philosophy

“With Malmaison, we wanted to avoid the typical model of luxury ‘brandalisation’ where every brand’s flagship boutiques are based on an identical experience. We want to decry this notion of homogeniality. Malmaison deliberately introduces a bold retail concept where we combine a differentiated merchandising philosophy in an inspired setting to disrupt the traditional norms defining luxury,” says Mr Michael Tay, Executive Director of The Hour Glass Limited.

Chateau de Malmaison, the principal abode of French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte and Empress Josephine de Beauharnais who were the first purveyors of watches and exquisite luxury in the early 19th century, formed the reference points for Malmaison. The ornate beauty of old world luxury is evinced in the lush tapestry of materials and details.

Juxtaposing the past and setting it within a modern retail environment creates the perfect canvas to appreciate horological works of art and introduce diverse luxury products available only at Malmaison.

“We wanted to create an atmosphere of coffee and conversation, in a setting that evokes a high sense of nostalgia…yet not steeped in the traditional, as we are principally, a contemporary culture. ”, said Mr Tay.

The Great Hall of Malmaison
The Great Hall of Malmaison

And that special combination of the old with the new is what differentiates Malmaison as truly unique. Only at Malmaison will you find 300 year-old restored antique clocks from Charles Le Roy, Master Clockmaker to Napolean, standing among the world’s newest timepiece collections; underpinning the value of authentic craftsmanship with perpetual value even over centuries.

The Charles Le Roy Grand Clock
The Charles Le Roy Grand Clock

Malmaison aims to stand out by celebrating the original concept of luxury – authentic objects of true exclusivity and longevity, created from the hands of true passion and artisanship.


A Unique Residential Retail Experience

Malmaison brings the concept of ‘residential retailing’ to a whole new level.   The entire space is enlivened with scattering of personal artefacts, and curios to pique the curiosity of house guests and to akin the experience of Malmaison to an intimate little museum.

The 60 minute timer clock that is created by Marc Newson for The Hour Glass
The 60 minute timer clock that is created by Marc Newson for The Hour Glass

Spanning over 2 floors, Malmaison welcomes guests with its own private entrances and elevators. The high ceilings and open layout afford the luxury of creating different pockets of intimate spaces for visitors to explore and discover new luxury timepieces.

In addition to showcasing the finest watches, objets d’art and jewellery, Malmaison also offers bespoke services such as gentlemanly attire, fragrances and exclusive collectible literature under one roof.

Some of the interesting artefacts in Malmaison
Some of the interesting artefacts in Malmaison

The Great Hall
Entering the Malmaison, your journey begins in The Great Hall. Rich wood and leather seating set a calming tone to an entrance with an old world charm. Browse through our collection of the world’s most desired timepieces. Surround yourself with the crystal tinkling of Reuge music boxes from the 14th century and the smells of Cire Trudon candles. And discover a treasure trove of accessories, from the colourful creations of French designer Aurelie Bidermann to the fun AS29 collection from Belgian designer, Audrey Savransky.

The Great Hall


The Salons

Step into our Salon, where a giant griffin from Paris stands in the hallway of our Rolex and Patek Philippe collections. Enjoy a wide range of extremely rare timepieces, spanning across 50 years. And admire the breathtakingly rare cloisonné enamel Patek Philippe dome clock.

The Griffin stands majestically at the passage way.


Over at Rolex shop-in-shop, Rolex lovers would be stoked to find a exclusive showcase of 30 pieces of some rare early sports models of the brand.

Rolex shop-in-shop
Rolex shop-in-shop



The Napolean Room 
Welcome to The Napolean Room, inspired by the Château de Malmaison, the famous 19th century home of Napoleon and Josephine Bonaparte. This room depicts the Napoleonic period and the blue velvet walls serve to recreate a modern retail experience with a touch of history. Here, the most authentic and world-renowned brands are displayed among portraits of the emperor, battle swords from the 18th century and an enchanting fireplace.

The Napoleon Room swathed in lush blue velvet


Upper Storey

The upper storey of Malmaison presents a softer and more delicate aura with lights that emulate natural lighting that fills the entire space.

For Cartier lovers, an alluring and welcoming space that is distinctively Cartier, beckons as you ascend the second floor, featuring an extensive range of Cartier timepieces.

Cartier Space
Cartier Space
Richard Mille Space
Richard Mille Space

Malmaison was bestowed the ‘Best Retail Concept of the Year’ award by Singapore Retailers Association in 2010 and 2011 respectively. Malmaison lauded for its unique and differentiated shopping experience, bagged the highly coveted ‘Best Shopping Experience’ award by Singapore Tourism Board in 2012.

More than just a retail space, Malmaison is an environment to explore and discover horological treasures.

In our next few issues, we delve deeper into the different niches and introduce the intricacies of Malmaison’s collection. Stay tuned!

Come and experience Malmaison, the house of The Hour Glass and feel the difference. Welcome to our home.

Malmaison by The Hour Glass

270 Orchard Road,

#01-01 Knightsbridge


Tel: (+65) 6884 8484

Operation hours: 11.30am – 8.30pm

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