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The Rise Of Exotics In High-End Sports Watches

In a time not so long ago, watches were essentially made of metal. Whether it was steel, titanium, gold or platinum, all were metallic materials, with known physical properties and their accompanying advantages and weaknesses. In the constant pursuit of better watches, watchmakers have focused on all the components of a watch, and one of … Continued

Hublot Big Bang Unico Magic Gold

Thin Tourbillons – Five Of The Best

The tourbillon is actually older than widely believed, having been around for over 220 years. Contrary to popular belief, it was not invented in 1801 – that was the date Abraham-Louis Breguet patented the invention – rather he began working on it quite a bit earlier, around 1795. Despite two centuries having passed, that has … Continued

Parmigiani Fleurier Tonda 1950 Tourbillon

On The High Seas – 5 Luxury Yacht Watches

For over 300 years, navigating the oceans and timekeeping have been inseparable. It began with humanity’s desire to discover uncharted territories, creating the need for ultra precise timepieces for navigation over the water. One of the key instruments the British used to build their empire were marine chronometers that helped its navy to become unchallenged … Continued


Audemars Piguet And The Hour Glass Redefine Luxury Retail Experience With The Inauguration Of Their Newest Space At The Heart Of Orchard Road In Singapore

The contemporary milieu at The Hour Glass Paragon will house exclusive limited editions dedicated to The Hour Glass, as well as symbolic timepieces by one of the oldest fine watchmaking manufacturers Audemars Piguet’s latest space is located in The Hour Glass at Paragon, Singapore. The shop-in-shop showcases an original Audemars Piguet concept design that captures … Continued

Audemars Piguet at The Hour Glass Paragon

Making The Case For Composites

It is undeniable that the sportier segment of luxury watches has been keen to adopt materials used in today’s most demanding engineering applications. From aerospace to boat racing, the various materials used for today’s most cutting edge performance are ideally suited to house many modern watches. This is especially true when a large portion of … Continued

Hublot Aero Bang Sugar Skull Ceramic Carbon
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