Louis Erard Excellence Émail Grand Feu II

New Watch! • 27 Apr 2022

Louis Erard Excellence Émail Grand Feu II

Continuing their odyssey at the heart of métier d’art with Grand Feu enamel, Louis Erard reinterprets this exclusive art with a contemporary and subtle classic look.


Louis Erard Excellence Émail Grand Feu II


Traditional Watchmaking Meets 21st Century Spirit

White for the background, signature blue indices, with flashes of red – these colours on the latest Louis Erard Excellence Émail Grand Feu II will remain bright as ever. The Swiss Jura watchmaker taps into the expertise of Donzé Cadrans, the respected art enameller based in Le Locle. The resulting watch is a celebration of traditional fine watchmaking techniques and the spirit of the 21st Century.


Louis Erard Excellence Émail Grand Feu II


Unsurpassable Quality

The name Grand Feu enamel comes from the high temperature of the kiln process. First, small layers of silica, oxides, and potassiums are deposited on metal plates, which are then fired in a kiln at more than 800°C. This high temperature often causes the plates to be set alight in a flash, fusing the colours permanently on to their metal bases.  For every kiln process, hours of preparation are required, and face the risk of something not going to plan. When all goes well, the results are unsurpassable.


Print transfer enamel dial
Markings are printed on the dial by a standard transfer printing process, using enamel powder and oil. Separate impressions are made for each colour on the dial, firing after each application.


Enamel dial in kiln
The dials are fired in the kiln, often a flash of flames appear – this process gives Grand Feu (“big fire” in French) enamel its name.


The quality of a Grand Feu enamel dial is in the sharp, unfading colours. The high level of waste means Grand Feu Enamel is often reserved for luxury watches; and precisely for this reason, Louis Erard is continuing to explore the heart of this ancestral watchmaking expertise.

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Louis Erard Excellence Émail Grand Feu II


Reinterpreting a Métier d’Art

The first Excellence Émail Grand Feu was launched in 2021, marking the first time Louis Erard reinterpreted a métier d’art. The Excellence Émail Grand Feu II has the same DNA, with a few additional touches to reinforce its contemporary identity.

The dials, individually made and fired, come from Donzé Cadrans workshops in Le Locle. Fitted with the signature fir tree hands in blued steel, the piece comes together in a 39mm case, a universally suited size. The red grained calf leather with blue stitching and lined in Louis Erard blue grained calf leather completes the look.

The Excellence Émail Grand Feu II is powered by the automatic Sellita SW261-1 calibre with 38 hours power reserve and a special openworked oscillating weight with black lacquered Louis Erard symbol. Limited to 99 pieces.

Discover the Louis Erard Excellence Émail Grand Feu II and the best of Swiss Jura watchmaking at select Watches of Switzerland boutiques in Singapore.

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