Delivering innovative timepieces to the free spirits since 1846, Ulysse Nardin has written some of the finest chapters in the history of Haute Horlogerie. The exceptional watchmaking excellence has earned the brand a membership in the most exclusive circle of Swiss watchmaking, the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie.

Based in Le Locle and La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland, the brand’s continuing quest for horological perfection centers around five collections: the Marine celebrating the Maison’s history of nautical chronometers, the Diver accompanying all sea-adventurers, the Classico paying homage to the high watchmaking traditions, the Executive revealing the audacity in technicity and design, and the Freak embodying a laboratory on the wrist.

Today, in pursuit to further push the boundaries in watchmaking, the brand has embarked on a journey to the explore the planet’s most Xtremes, and bring back to the horological world the power that lies at heart of the vast, ancient glaciers and the energy of volcanic Xplosion.


Forged from one of the most precious metals on Earth, Rose Gold Blast features a black DLC middle case and solid gold horns, black ceramic bezel, a bicolor tourbillon cage rose gold colored and black PVD, sculpted rose gold indexes and hands set with Superluminova. Transparent jewels. Black X. Black Rectangle. This atomic bomb of a watch is powered by the recently developed UN-172 movement and has a three-day power reserve. With an automatic tourbillon for the first time within the Ulysse Nardin SKELETON collection and a new tiny yet powerful platinum micro-rotor – visible only from the front of the watch at 12 o’clock.

Available with options of a Structured Rubber, Alligator Leather Strap, or Velvet Strap.

The Rose Gold Blast retails at S$80,000.


The iconic Black Blast comes complete with a ceramic upper middle case and bezel; black rectangular bridge, red and black double “X” pattern and a stunning new red balance wheel – the first time that Ulysse Nardin has ever developed a colored balance wheel. The crystal joint is red, so are the jewels and the lacquered inscription “Silicium Technology” on the barrel. Grey Ulysse Nardin logo completes the rectangular frame. The geometric horns are fully polished and sandblasted for a matte-finish.

Available with options of a Structured Rubber, Alligator Leather Strap, or Velvet Strap.

The Black Blast retails at S$68,200.


Color composition for this watch is a palette straight out of Antarctica: white ceramic, metallic grey, dark blue and beautiful transparency. Just like a frozen lake. Reminiscent of glaciers, this model features a smooth titanium bezel, dark blue inscriptions on the barrel mentioning “Silicium Technology” which beats inside of it. The dark blue “Ulysse Nardin” logo is featured prominently on the rectangular frame and the dark blue color on the sculpted indexes and hands, is completed by Superluminova. Its jewels are transparent just like snowflakes.

Available with options of a Structured Rubber, Alligator Leather Strap, or Velvet Strap.

The White Blast retails at S$68,200.


Cool blue like the inside of an iceberg, the Blue Blast has a titanium middle case, blue titanium bezel, blue brass rectangular bridge, blue tourbillon cage, blue and grey double “X” pattern, metallic grey sculpted hands and indexes with Superluminova.

Available with options of a Structured Rubber, Alligator Leather Strap, or Velvet Strap.

The Blue Blast retails at S$65,200.


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