TAG Heuer & The Chinese Lunar Exploration Program

TAG Heuer & The Chinese Lunar Exploration Program

News • 09 Jan 2019

TAG Heuer & The Chinese Lunar Exploration Program

by Meghan Dansie

A New Frontier

TAG Heuer watches have been worn on the wrist of many an adventurer. The brand has been a veteran supporter of the car racing industry, with partnerships in the sport defining the style and function of its watches. However, TAG Heuer’s most recent relationship has seen it take on new, rocket-fuelled heights.

The model of “Yutu” Lunar rover in the the Xi’an stop of TAG Heuer “Space Exploration & Lunar Expedition” Roadshow

Just three days into 2019, the Chinese Lunar Exploration Program (CLEP), in partnership with TAG Heuer, announced that it had successfully landed a robotic spacecraft on the dark side of the moon. The first ever such attempt and landing, it is a milestone example of human endeavour and exploration.

Ouyang Ziyuan (the first chief scientist of CLEP), TAG Heuer Brand Ambassador Angelababy and Li Hao (Head of Chinese culture research centre of Northwest University) attended the China Lunar Exploration Forum.

Out of this World Design

Unveiled at the 2018 Baselworld exhibition, the coupling between the brand and the Space Exploration program produced two stunning special edition pieces.

Entirely black from strap to dial, the CLEP special edition of the classic TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer 01 evokes the Gothic unknown of space exploration alongside all of its shine and excitement. Never did a muse encapsulate this more aptly than the enigmatic dark side of the moon, from which this watch takes it inspiration.

TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre Heuer 01 China Lunar Exploration Program Special Edition

The only colour on this watch is a nod to the brand’s partner, with the red detailing on the hands, dial and upper chronograph pusher – as well as a yellow ring on the bottom pusher – evocative of the Chinese flag.

The sapphire case-back is complete with decorated, crystal lunar details and the watch’s special edition number, with cut-out detailing into the watch’s self-winding mechanical movement evoking the wonder of space. Combined with a meteoric sand-blasted dark anthracite dial, the wearer of this special edition Carrera will feel the elements of time, history, the known and unknown eclipse whenever they tell the time.

Aquaracer Calibre 5 China Lunar Exploration Program Special Edition (Ref. WAY201J.FC6370)

Move over Pink Floyd

Intelligence and brawn are both considered elements of the other special edition watch released in this collection: the CLEP Aquaracer Calibre 5. Whilst remaining faithful to the Aquaracer’s iconic signature codes, this watch is all about pushing the limits of innovation, with the model’s classic mechanical movement now able to resist high pressures, as well as a water depth of 300m.

Aptly described by TAG as being “as everlasting as it is precious,” the intricacy and daunting beauty enclosed by the watch’s 43mm case hints at the bigger questions in life. Indeed, the structure of this watch takes its inspiration from this bigger picture, with the black ceramic, unidirectional rotating bezel convening the hand’s orbits around the face – much like the moon around our Earth.

The Sky is (no longer) the Limit

The landing of the Chinese Lunar Exploration Program on the dark side of the moon is truly a historic feat of space exploration. However, even if the wearer’s biggest adventure for that day is the navigation of a peak hour train to work, these special edition watches by TAG Heuer will still have your back, or rather, your wrist.

By taking on the essence of CLEP’s ground-breaking exploration, this special edition collection from TAG Heuer take its wearer’s daily adventures from feeling like a one-small-step-for-man type of gig, to feeling like a giant leap for mankind. Excellence under pressure indeed.

Museum In Motion

The innovative world of TAG Heuer and their rich racing history are on display in the most comprehensive and detailed way possible. Running from the 10th to the 24th of January at Malmaison by The Hour Glass.

Exhibition date: 10 – 24 Jan 2019

Venue: Malmaison at The Hour Glass, 270 Orchard Road #01-01 Singapore 238857

Opening hours: 12.00pm – 8.00pm

In conjunction with the Museum in Motion exhibition, The Hour Glass is offering complimentary polishing and extended warranty to customers. The first 100 customers will be entitled to this service for any Carrera watch brought in from 10 – 24 Jan 2019 at Malmaison by The Hour Glass. Complementary polishing is subject to the material and condition of the watch. Extended one year warranty is also available for any TAG Heuer watch purchased in Malmaison by The Hour Glass from 10th to 24thJan 2019

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