Dottling – The World’s Smallest Fully Functional High-Security Safe

News • 29 Aug 2012

Dottling – The World’s Smallest Fully Functional High-Security Safe

Did you ever think that your next watch winder would be inspired by a chair? Or perhaps a pair of high heels?

Dottling, a German safe and watch winder maker did just that with their follow-up model to their famed watch winder safe – Colosimo. Inspired by the gigantic vaults found in American banks, Döttling’s specialists developed something completely unique: the world’s smallest fully functional high-security safe- Colosimo also cleverly touted as “Haute Safeology”.

The original Colosimo

The second generation Döttling safe is also called Colosimo but is much smaller at 14kg than the original that weighs a whopping 30kg. It also bears a safe-style door that opens up to reveal the winding drum. The dimensions are 21cm x 21cm x 20cm so it is almost a perfect square.

For starters, Döttling will offer two limited edition versions of the second generation Colosimo- “The Spike” and “The Mies”.

“The Spike” watch winder is inspired by Louboutin spike high heels. The black leather housing is lined with steel spikes -just like the shoes. Matching the red under-surface of the shoes, Colosimo The Spike also has a red base color.

The Mies”- this is based on the look of the extremely well-known 20th century Barcelona chair designed by Mies van der Rohe. No office is complete without one. That classic quilted black leather look is used on the sides of the Colosimo winder box. You could almost use the Colosimo Mies as an ottoman with the Barcelona chair if you have one.

Now, that is what we call innovation at its best. These interesting and intriguing Döttling watch safes are an absolute stunner and a good conversational piece.

Limited to only 20pcs each worldwide, this Döttling precision watch winder will make the new owner a proud custodian of the most exclusive safe and to enjoy the mechanical spectacle  of opening the door each time.  Finest German Hancraft since 1919.   Available at The Hour Glass Singapore stores:  Malmaison By The Hour Glass, Knightsbridge and L’Atelier by The Hour Glass,ION.

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