Hublot and Artist Daniel Arsham Unveil The Arsham Droplet Pocket Watch

New Watch! • 11 Jun 2024

Hublot and Artist Daniel Arsham Unveil The Arsham Droplet Pocket Watch

“The idea of the architectural manipulation. The idea of a kind of fictional archaeology. So, something that we would know and find in our present day, like a camera, that has been projected into the future almost like an archaeological object, and it’s a story that is told through the transformation of the material, so an object that was once metal and glass is now made in volcanic ash or crystal or reformed itself in bronze and has a kind of aged patina about it,” said American contemporary artist Daniel Arsham back in 2019 when The Hour Glass documented his life story for our Live’s of Artists Series. True to his vision and unique methodology, Daniel Arsham partners with Hublot to release the world’s first sapphire crystal pocket watch, the Arsham Droplet.

Contemporary Artist Daniel Arsham wearing the Arsham Droplet

The Arsham Droplet by Hublot

Inspired by nature’s organic, fluid forms, the Arsham Droplet represents a milestone in watchmaking. This collaboration is a testament to the shared commitment of both Hublot and Arsham to create exceptional and transformative experiences that challenge the status quo. Crafted from a blend of titanium, rubber, and sapphire crystal, the Arsham Droplet reflects Hublot’s attention to detail and commitment to watchmaking innovation. Measuring 73.2mm (length) x 52.6 mm (width) x 22.5 mm (thickness), the ergonomic and tactile design fits comfortably in the hand, allowing for an immersive and engaging horological experience.

Organic Design

The organic design is complemented by a titanium case and rubber bumpers, representing a bold departure from traditional watchmaking norms. It has two titanium chains, each featuring Hublot’s patented double one-click system for easy attachment. Conveniently, the Arsham Droplet can be worn as a necklace or pocket watch or displayed as a sculptural clock in its decorative titanium and mineral glass table stand.

Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe and Daniel Arsham at the Arsham Droplet launch at the Tate Modern in London

The open-worked titanium case resembles delicate lace woven in a droplet pattern, featuring a sandwich construction and two crafted domed teardrop-shaped crystals. The side bumpers are in custom Arsham Green rubber, with the artist’s monogram stamped onto the surface. The case boasts a double sealing system with no less than 17 O-ring seals, ingeniously placed to guarantee a watertight seal. The pocket watch also displays Hublot’s iconic design elements, including the brand’s signature six H-shaped screws.

MECA-10 Movement

At the heart of the watch lies Hublot’s iconic Meca-10 manufacture movement. This movement boasts an impressive 10-day power reserve, ensuring the pocket watch can be enjoyed for extended periods without the need for frequent winding. This further enhances the user’s connection with this one-of-a-kind creation. The Arsham Droplet by Hublot is limited to 99 examples.

Discover Hublot at The Hour Glass.

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