German watchmaker Sinn raises the bar with 2024 novelties

New Watch! • 01 Apr 2024

German watchmaker Sinn raises the bar with 2024 novelties

Sinn raises the benchmark with latest horologically advanced collections.

Sinn’s 2024 novelties send horology lover’s pulse racing with their dynamic blend of design, precision and function.

Sinn U50 S L
The U50 S L is a sight to behold thanks to its exceptional luminosity

A respected name synonymous with technical advancement in watchmaking and well loved by enthusiasts and those in the know, Sinn has revealed its highly anticipated novelties for the year 2024. 

Sinn Model U50 S L
Sinn’s novelties are designed to own the respective arenas they cater for, personified by the luminous U50 S L

Made in Germany to the highest standards, the novelties are purposefully designed to exceed expectations, not only in technical terms but also aesthetics and comfort. Be it the ever-reliable diving companion made of avantgarde materials, or classic chronograph bound to stir excitement thanks to a hand-wound movement, there is an exquisite creation fit for the purpose. 


Producing a luminous twist on the U50 series, Sinn’s U50 S L is destined for a bright future. The diving companion dazzles with a remarkable glow across the dial and key markers on its rotating bezel, at an extent surpassing that of a contemporary often limited to selected indices and hands. 

Sinn Model U50 S L
Sinn’s U50 S L is an enchanting creation with its unique application of luminescence

The ingenious highlight entails an innovative solution, first leading to the incorporation of the luminous paint into a mould using a special casting process. A hybrid ceramic component is subsequently created to join with the metallic base dial, before the combined components are printed in the final step to produce a large luminous surface, as a testament to Sinn’s watchmaking inventiveness. 

The advantages of the U50 S L extend beyond the scintillating dial. This 41mm example is encased in high-strength, seawater-resistant and non-magnetic German Submarine Steel, including the crown. It is further enhanced with a Black Hard Coating on a TEGIMENT technological basis to improve scratch resistance. An everyday wear suitable for a range of activities, the model is waterproof and pressure resistant up to 500m, as tested based on the European diving equipment standards and certified by DNV. This particular model is limited to 500 pieces. 


Sinn’s diving-focused novelties extend beyond the aforementioned U50 S L. Although equally adept as functional daily wear, it is in deep water that the Series U50 HYDRO truly comes into its own. Thanks to the incredible waterproofness and pressure resistance up to 5,000m diving depth, as tested and certified by the world’s largest classification body for maritime safety DNV, the series’ ability to withstand immense forces underwater is near peerless. The secret to its invulnerability lies with the shrewd employment of high-strength, seawater-resistant and non-magnetic German Submarine Steel, which makes up the 41mm case and crown. 

Sinn U50 HYDRO series 2024
The trio of Sinn’s U50 HYDRO from left: U50 HYDRO, U50 HYDRO S and U50 HYDRO SDR

Understanding that legibility becomes a concern in deep water as sunlight fades, the diving equipment is endowed with Sinn’s HYDRO technology, comprising a special oil filling, to eliminate the reflection on the dial and chances of the dial from fogging up. The HYDRO Technology has been perfected over the course of 25 years, utilised in a number of Sinn’s acclaimed models. To complement the specifics of the HYDRO technology, all three models of the U50 HYDRO series feature quartz movements. Integrated with an end-of-life (EOL) function. Their precision is indisputable, exhibiting functional reliability between -20 °C and +60 °C.

Furthermore, the diver’s bezel of the U50 HYDRO SDR and the diver’s bezel and case of the U50 HYDRO S are enhanced with a Black Hard Coating on a TEGIMENT technological basis to significantly improve their scratch resistance.


For ardent collectors, no collection is complete without a hand-wound model. A mechanical movement at its purest, a hand-wound movement is evocative of watering a plant by hand or shifting the gear stick of a manual transmission; it requires tending and loving. 

Sinn Model 103 St Ty Hd
Sinn’s latest hand-wound chronograph imparts a certain romanticism tied to mechanical movements

The hand-wound chronograph is an embodiment of Sinn and its proud history. Since the mid-1960s, the 103 series has been part of its repertoire of classic pilot chronographs. Yet, the previous hand-wound 103 reference was last officially available around 20 years ago, making the latest edition all the more special. 

A handsome design paired with a sporty outlook, the latest model highlights a 41mm stainless case, topped with a shock-resistant acrylic glass. Indices and markers on the dial are judiciously coloured to provide a sharp contrast, complemented with two boar leather straps in green and black.

Sinn Model 103 St Ty Hd
The limited edition is delivered in a dedicated box set

The beautifully decorated SW 510 M movement at the heart of the 103 St Ty Hd chronograph enables the tactile nature to crystallise a physical connection between the object and the wearer. It delivers a power reserve in excess of 58 hours on a full wind. Only 1,000 pieces are produced for this limited run.

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