Christmas Gift Guide For Women

New Watch! • 23 Nov 2016

Christmas Gift Guide For Women

As one of the many male journalists covering the best watches, we too often neglect the fairer sex. Haute-horlogerie, mechanical movements and iconic timepieces are not the sole realm of men and ladies do deserve beautiful watches on their wrists. Here are five must-have watches for women, just in case a generous Christmas gift is needed.

Rolex Lady Datejust 28
The Datejust by Rolex is an icon. Created in 1945, the wristwatch was the first with a date displayed in a window. Since its creation, the Datejust has always been in the Rolex catalogue, and while the men’s 36mm version is the most known of them all (but also a good option for a lady), many variations have been created, including those for women.

This year at Baselworld 2016, Rolex introduced the latest version of its classic, the Lady Datejust 28. This watch boasts a new design that’s sleeker, thinner, with new curves. Its case, while faithful to the iconic Rolex design, is more elegant than ever, especially in a steel and Everose gold combination.

At Rolex, women watches get the same mechanical marvels as men’s watches and the Lady Datejust features the solid and innovative Calibre 2236, fitted with a non-magnetic silicon hairspring. Finally, the mother of pearl dial and the diamond bezel adds the luxurious touch desired by every elegant woman.

Rolex Lady Datejust 28


Hublot Classic Fusion King Gold Bracelet 38mm
Ladies’ watches might too often have a smaller case wrapped with diamonds with a delicate design. What if your better half prefers bold and sporty lines? Well, she might be interested in a Hublot, sized for her wrist with a 38mm case and a metal bracelet. Robust, fashionable, young – the perfect watch for an active fashionista.

This Hublot Classic Fusion King Gold 38mm is bold enough to feel a bit masculine, however combined here with the richness of 18k King Gold and a sleek black dial with gold indices – elegance and femininity is not far away. And who knows, you could match it with the men’s version that’s 42mm in diameter.

Hublot Classic Fusion King Gold 38mm


Junghans Max Bill Ladies
With this watch, we see sophistication, but not by with luxurious material and diamonds, but via the world of minimalistic design. The Max Bill collection is all about Bauhaus style, where less can be more. Looking exactly like the men’s versions, the Max Bill Ladies is pure, simple and at the same time, featuring certain complexity in its form, a rounded feel that has been quite forgotten in watchmaking these days.

At 32mm, it has a strong presence on the wrist, knowing the thin bezel and large dial. This year, the brand added some delicate colours to the catalogue, nothing garish but all restraint and originality – honey, antique rose or ice blue. Again, a feminine watch that doesn’t look girlish.

Junghans Max Bill Lady


Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 37mm yellow gold
Icons should not be reserved to men. Period! Why ladies couldn’t wear the watch the definitive luxury sports watch, the one that started it all in 1972? If the 41mm Royal Oak might be a bit large for the average lady’s wrist, especially considering the integrated bracelet, the 37mm version has everything synonymous with the design, but in a smaller case: the hand-guilloche dial with Grande Tapisserie pattern, the bold octagonal shape and the in-house automatic calibre 3120 (the same movement as found the men’s model).

This year, Audemars Piguet reintroduced yellow gold in the collection, making a clear statement that this warm and bright metal is still alive. Considered by some as out of fashion, Audemars Piguet declares the metal trendy – and it’s always better to set the trend than to follow.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 37mm


Cartier Hypnose
The Cartier Hypnose unveiled earlier this year is another demonstration of Cartier’s savoir-faire in of case shapes. Behind its apparently simple design, which is based on an ovoid case, there’s a mesmerizing illusion of an infinite spiral. This new watch uses shapes, colours and layers to create the illusion of depth and contrast.

Graphic ellipses of black lacquer and white brilliant-cut diamonds bring the sensation of a floating dial, and complemented with feminine proportions to create a sophisticated watch. Available with a typically Cartier dial (white guilloche dial, Roman numerals, blued hands), we tend to prefer the full diamond paved version, which enhances the concept of a never-ending spiral and gives an even more pronounced evening look.

Cartier Hypnose


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