Vianney Halter – Star Trek Meets Jules Verne

Best of Web • 28 Jul 2018

Vianney Halter – Star Trek Meets Jules Verne

Halter’s launch of the Jules Verne inspired Antiqua in 1998 at Baselworld as part of the AHCI display marked the launch of a new era of watch styling. Prior to the Antiqua, watch cases and designs had largely consisted of regular geometric designs. Featuring heavy elements of steampunk, the Antiqua embodies Halter’s guiding design principle of Futur Anterieur (roughly, “the future as seen from the past”). It, perhaps, can be considered as the link between traditional and contemporary watchmaking; perhaps even so much as launching the modern design movement in watches. Even today, Halter’s designs take a lot of inspiration from popular culture, with the Deep Space Tourbillon reflecting ideas from Star Trek (Halter is, in fact, a Star Trek fan). Halter’s unconventional watch designs are further heightened by his unusually high levels of case finishing; the exceptional care and detailing serve to accentuate the uniqueness of his designs.

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For more on how Vianney Halter fits within the broader context of independent watchmaking, read our Trilogy on the topic: Modern Artisans of Time.

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