Founded in 2012
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BOMBERG is a young and highly innovative brand with deep roots in the Swiss precision watch business that is making waves for its audacious and disruptive designs. Strong and unconventional, BOMBERG reinterprets and completely overturns classic watchmaking rules to create unusual timepieces. With its rebellious and provocative watches, it has infused an aging industry with new expression and has lit a fire for a type of clientele that is ready for the BOMBERG vision. 

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In addition to world-class historical Swiss timepiece engineering – i.e., supreme mechanical performance – BOMBERG’s lines of watches and other products feature designs, colors, and functionalities ranging from the iconoclastic to the breathtaking.





In breaking the rules, BOMBERG gives birth to a new nuance of excellence. Swiss design now includes potent totemic imagery, sleek industrial lines, steampunk graphics, and both vibrant and subtle colors in startling combinations.

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Simply put, wearing our watches makes you feel like a superstar with a true rock and roll heart. Our chronographs bring out our own inner maverick. The bold, non-conformist champion. And although wearing a watch is a personal statement, it’s also about connection as BOMBERGs are sure-fire attention-getters and conversation-starters.


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