New Watch! • 09 Dec 2015

Time To Celebrate

by Elizabeth Doerr

Join these brands as they mark significant milestones with very special timepieces.

In many ways, the past defines the present, particularly when we are talking about products.

And though MB&F is such a new brand, with such a novel way of doing things that its products look like nothing else, even this marque’s present is influenced by the past – watchmaking’s past and that of its founder, Maximilian Büsser’s.

Take Melchior, for example.  MB&F released this robotic table clock in time for the company’s 10th anniversary this year.

The other big MB&F anniversary release, HMX, is rooted in the history of horology, a history that Büsser pays homage to with both Horological Machine No. 5 and HMX, the latter of which is derivative of the HM5.

The HMX – “X” stands for “10” – is not only an anniversary present from the brand to itself, but also to its loyal clients.

The MB&F HMX is offered in four limited editions of 20 pieces each in Lotus Black, Ferrari Red, Bugatti Blue and British Racing Green.
The MB&F HMX is offered in four limited editions of 20 pieces each in Lotus Black, Ferrari Red, Bugatti Blue and British Racing Green.


The Magic Millions
Hublot’s Big Bang is such a staple in the luxury industry nowadays that it’s hard to believe it is only 10 years old.  Naturally, Hublot celebrates the milestone with several limited editions, of which the most breathtaking is the so-called $10 million collection: the Big Bang Unico “10 Years’ Haute Joaillerie”.  This grouping comprises just 10 watches, each priced at $1 million.  To create them, Hublot’s gem setters used three of the most complex techniques available: invisible setting, clous de Paris setting and rail setting.

Hublot Big Bang Unico “10 Years” Haute Joaillerie
Hublot Big Bang Unico “10 Years” Haute Joaillerie


These brands prove that you can run from the past, but you can never outrun it.  And when we look at these beautiful timepieces, we know we certainly wouldn’t want to.

To read more about Hublot, please click here.

The above article is an excerpt from Masthead for Australia Magazine Australia magazine issue 8.

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Elizabeth Doerr

Doerr is the editor-in-chief of, a luxurious online magazine for watchmaking and related topics. She is an oft-quoted watch specialist writer who has contributed to a number of magazines, including iW (International Watch), Wristwatch Annual and  She is also the author of 12 Faces of Time and co-author of Elite Timepieces.  Germany-based, she is a member of various industry juries and committees, including the prestigious 15-person cultural Committee of the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie and was a member of the 2012-2014 juries of watchmaking’s “Oscars”, the Grand Prix Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève.

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