Sinn Presents: Celebrating 20 Years Of Mission Timers

New Watch! • 23 Mar 2017

Sinn Presents: Celebrating 20 Years Of Mission Timers

Since 1961, Sinn has been creating high-quality mechanical watches with functionality as the highest priority. In 2017 Sinn celebrates 20 years of mission timers with the introduction of the EZM 12.

EZM 12 – Designed for the air rescue service
Every rescue mission to which emergency doctors are dispatched is a race to save lives – and against time. For the ‘golden hour’ and ‘platinum ten minutes’ are decisive in determining the course of action taken. It sports a matte black dial with 44mm case made with TEGIMENT Technology and therefore especially scratch-resistant.Sinn EZM 12


U1 S – The diving watch made of German Submarine Steel
The U1 S is an attractive new version of the popular diver’s watches, the U1. It now comes with an all-over Black Hard Coating on a tegimented basis, which further highlights its design. The case and crown of the U1 S are made of high-strength seawater-resistant German Submarine Steel. As well as having extreme seawater resistance, this material possesses the highest level of non-magnetic properties. Sinn U1 S


6200 WG MEISTERBUND I – The 55-piece limited-edition watch with hand-wound calibre
The wonderful, 55-piece limited-edition 6200 WG Meisterbund I seamlessly follows on from the hugely successful rose gold 6200 Meisterbund I – in many ways an extraordinary watch that set several milestones. The centrepiece is the fine, exquisitely decorated hand-wound calibre UWD 33.1 made of nickel silver.Sinn 6200 WG Meisterbund I


212 KSK – The watch with 64-mil ratcheting on the captive rotating bezel
To mark its 20th anniversary in September 2016, Sinn launched a limited edition watch, the K212 Special Forces Command exclusively for the Kommando Spezialkräfte (special forces command, or KSK). It is now available in the form of the retail version – the K212 Special Forces Command anniversary watch, a 300-piece limited edition 212 featuring a commando sword surrounded by oak leaves, the KSK emblem, thus adorns the dial.Sinn 212 KSK


103 St Sa E – The traditional pilot chronograph
The classic pilot watches in series 103 are amongst the most traditional watches to be developed. Their aesthetic design was and remains style-defining. The 300-piece limited-edition 103 St Sa E features matte black dial and 41mm case is reminiscent of historical pilot watches with its luminous ivory-coloured coating on the hands, numerals and indices.Sinn 103 ST Sa E

The Hour Glass is the exclusive retailer of Sinn in Singapore.

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