New Watch! • 17 Aug 2018

Deconstructing the Freak Out

Launch of the Freak Out

Patrick Pruniaux is in town. Coming to Asia for the launch of the Freak Out (have a read about the launch in Malaysia). Recently, we sat down with the CEO of Ulysse Nardin in Singapore to talk watches, the future of the manufacture and how they mange to simultaneously tap into their rich heritage and push contemporary watchmaking. But first, let’s discuss the Freak Out. Hot off the heels of this year’s Freak Vision, the Freak Out is the latest addition to the Freak collection.

We’ve always had a natural affinity for Ulysse Nardin, a sentiment many watch collectors in Singapore (and those abroad) are likely to feel as well. Because when you think about it, Singapore prospered thanks to trade and the industriousness of those who call the little red dot home. Ulysse Nardin, with its roots in the days of marine chronometers prospered off trade. Chronometers and precision instruments were (and still are!) inextricably linked with trade. Trade opened markets, exposed people to new goods and, with a few more ingredients thrown in, was a recipe for innovation (solving the longitude problem had massive implications for trade). That seafaring innovation continues to live on at UN. And long before today’s thriving avant-garde envelope pushing independent watchmaking scene, UN was tinkering with exceptionally complicated watches back in the 80’s.

Future of Freaks

After the last of the Trilogy of Time series left the workshop, things got freaky. The original Freak launched in 2001 (full history of the Freak here), can be seen as the natural successor and flag bearer for UN to usher in a new millennium of complicated (and experimental) watches.

Fast-forward to this year, the watch culture is buzzing and it’s great to see a new addition to the Freak series. As always (and especially so with UN’s Freaks), these are watches that have to be seen in the metal. The three-dimensionality of the dial is absolutely fascinating to look at and it’s a real treat seeing how the light reflects off the gear train and silicon impulse wheels, which seem to alternate between various shades of purple and green.

Ulysse Nardin Freak Out

  • REF: 2053-132/02 (Black Dial)
  • REF: 2053-132/03 (Blue Dial)
  • REF: 2053-132/03.1 (Blue Dial)
  • REF: 2053-132/BLACK (Black PVD)


  • Titanium Case (with the 2053-132/BLACK having a titanium with PVD black treatment case)
  • Anti-Reflective Sapphire Crystal
  • Sailcloth strap with Folding Buckle
  • Water-resistant to 30m.


  • UN-205 Manufacture Movement
  • Dual Ulysse Escapement in Silicium
  • 7-day flying carousel
  • Manual-winding
  • UN Certificate
  • 28’800/h (4Hz)


  • 45 mm diameter
  • 13.7 mm height
  • 23 mm lug width
  • 31 mm diameter of movement
  • 8.4 mm height of movement

The Hour Glass is proud to be the exclusive retailer of Ulysse Nardin in Singapore. Pop by Malmaison to have a look at Ulysse Nardin watches in the metal. 

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