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Singapore • 26 Oct 2023

Brand Manager

We enthusiastically invite a qualified candidate to join our team as a Brand Manager, entrusted with overseeing the sales and marketing initiatives of specific assigned brands. If you are a dynamic and driven professional with exceptional interpersonal and communication abilities, and most importantly, if you are dedicated to continuous self-improvement, we encourage you to get in touch.

In the realm of sales, your responsibilities encompass the comprehensive management of brand dynamics, including achieving sales targets, optimizing gross margins, determining pricing strategies, maintaining inventories, and implementing brand-focused marketing efforts. To ensure success, you will devise and implement a variety of sales and marketing strategies, working diligently to accomplish your overarching sales and marketing goals. Your day-to-day interactions with brand principals and the retail team will be pivotal.

You will forge robust partnerships with brand principals to guarantee timely deliveries, optimal stock levels, and facilitate essential training sessions. Additionally, you will ensure the accuracy of brand information in our systems and adhere meticulously to all advertising and trade marketing guidelines.

In the realm of marketing, your role will be to meticulously plan and manage the marketing budget for the entire year. You will collaborate closely with internal stakeholders, overseeing the brands’ online and offline social campaigns, as well as managing SEM and SEO efforts for the brands’ webpages. Furthermore, you will engage with journalists and media representatives to handle the brands’ public relations and strategic planning. Your responsibilities will also extend to planning and executing successful events.

Leveraging your exceptional people skills, you will strengthen relationships with retail team members through regular visits, providing in-depth storytelling, and enhancing the visibility of our brands. You will also engage with clients at boutique levels and during events, infusing enthusiasm for our brands.

Your analytical acumen will be used in conducting business reviews and planning, ensuring accurate analysis of client data to identify the right target profiles for client activities. Your adherence to policies and procedures, coupled with your digital proficiency, will ensure meticulous record-keeping for all received and issued stocks. The position offered will be tailored to match the expertise of the chosen candidate. We are looking for someone with a proactive attitude, ideally suited for a dynamic and ever-changing workplace.


If you are prepared to embrace this exciting opportunity and meet the prerequisites, we encourage you to send in your resume along with a cover letter detailing your pertinent experience and explaining how you can enhance the success of our team.

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