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Zenith’s History In Aviator’s Watches

Zenith’s Pilot Type 20 collection of aviator’s timepieces didn’t come out of the blue. In fact, the brand has a rich and long pedigree in this specialised field of watches, dating back the early 20th century, back to the birth of aviation itself. The Blériot Era and The Zenith Special The history of Zenith Pilot’s … Continued

Zenith A.Cairelli and Heritage Cronometro Tipo

Counting Time: Four Great – And Affordable – Chronographs

Use it to record your laps and to avoid parking over the time limit, or simply play with the mesmerising seconds hand. Chronographs, I have long argued, are one of the most useful complications out there – second probably to the calendar. And they are also sold at accessible price points, making them a great … Continued

IWC, Omega, TAG Heuer & Zenith

Watches With Tech Cred That Don’t Break The Bank

It’s a sign of the times when one-percenters start bragging not about their lavish spending habits, but about how little they’ve forked out for, say, a timepiece or their summer vacation. This newfound value-consciousness isn’t limited to ultra high net worth individuals, however; across the board, we’re noticing folks of all stripes treading cautiously with … Continued

Rolex Air King 116900

Explaining Constant Force In Mechanical Watches

One of the main obstacles in reliable mechanical timekeeping is the unstable delivery of power to the movement’s regulator (meaning the escapement). When the main spring is fully wound, the power transmitted via the gear train to keep the escapement ticking is strong. But once the main spring is almost run down, the torque will … Continued

F.P. Journe Chronometre Optimum constant force mechanism

Time Is In The Air – The Key Features Of A Pilot Watch

If there’s a category of watches that both creates a great enthusiasm on collectors and that also happens to be one of the most common types of timepieces to be used and abused as a tool, it is the pilot’s watch. However, a pilot’s watch is not a casual instrument, certain rules have to be … Continued

Pilot in cockpit
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