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The Hour Glass Presents The URWERK EMC Pistol

EMC Pistol Its birth attended by top craftsmen The EMC watch, constructed by the URWERK company, is a milestone in luxury watchmaking as the first and only mechanical watch in which the rate can be checked electronically at any time simply by pressing a button. The originality and ingenuity of the EMC concept have been … Continued


Telling The Time With Watches that Have Atypical Hands

By Olivier Müller Could we tell the time without the usual hands? 99% of brands say ‘no’. It’s a question of habit: from our earliest years, our brain learns to tell the time using at least two hands. For most people, taking hands off the dial would be like taking the time off the watch. … Continued

Ulysse Nardin FreakLab

Ladies First

AT BASELWORLD THIS YEAR, the unexpected happened. And it was the work of a brand not known for its surprises. In the midst of this annual event, during which watchmakers reveal their latest creations, Rolex snubbed tradition. It announced a mechanical first — but not one housed within a men’s watch. Instead, the new part debuted in a watch … Continued


5 Accessible Watches From Leading Independent Brands

Considered to be where revolutionary thinking and true innovation is achieved in the realm of haute horlogerie, independent watchmakers and brands have been leading the way when it comes to reimagining what a wristwatch should look and behave like. However, such pieces of alternative horology are usually out of reach for most, given the complexities … Continued


URWERK Blossoms In Style With The UR-106 “Lotus” Model For Women

URWERK watches have the reputation of being rare, technically advanced, elaborate to the point of complexity, and classy. However, one thing lacks among the various attributes of the brand — its watches are not seen as feminine. Until now. Because the new URWERK watch, the UR-106, is the first from the independent brand that is … Continued

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