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Horological Hopes For 2017

Mechanical watchmaking is an industry driven by passion and ideas, which is why some optimism survives despite 2016 being an unfortunate year for the luxury watch business. A variety of factors, including diminished demand from Chinese consumers, conspired to pull the industry into a slowdown that started three years ago but only started to bite … Continued


Watch Of The Month: Tudor Pelagos LHD

Tudor’s latest dive watch is straight of left field, so to speak. The Pelagos LHD (short for “left-hand drive”) is a variant of the brand’s bestselling titanium dive watch. With the crown on the left of the case, the Pelagos LHD is meant for left-handers. It is modelled on a small number of Submariner watches … Continued

Tudor Pelagos LHD

What To Consider When Gifting A Watch

I’ve always likened the act of buying someone a watch as being as difficult as buying a woman a pair of shoes that she will like. Not only are you battling with things like fit and comfort, but style and brand preference is often just as important. Nevertheless, buying someone a fine timepiece has been … Continued

Rolex window

Affordable Yet Desirable Mechanical Watches For Christmas 2016

Watches have made excellent gifts for as long as anyone can remember. Serving as jewelry and style accessory, watches are also among the few accessories that men can get away with wearing. With that said, many watches, especially quality mechanical ones, can be very expensive. For that reason let’s look at a few accessible mechanical … Continued

Christmas gifts

Watches With Tech Cred That Don’t Break The Bank

It’s a sign of the times when one-percenters start bragging not about their lavish spending habits, but about how little they’ve forked out for, say, a timepiece or their summer vacation. This newfound value-consciousness isn’t limited to ultra high net worth individuals, however; across the board, we’re noticing folks of all stripes treading cautiously with … Continued

Rolex Air King 116900
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