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New And Easy On The Wallet – Affordable Highlights From Baselworld

One could easily be led to believe that Baselworld is only about the most complicated and expensive watches brands can produce. Fortunately the trade fair is arguably more diverse and interesting in the affordable-watch segment. Here we cherry-pick the finest novelties from hit brands Nomos, Longines, Sinn, Junghans and Tudor, which are also easy on … Continued

Junghans Form Automatic 027/4734.00

Sinn Presents: Celebrating 20 Years Of Mission Timers

Since 1961, Sinn has been creating high-quality mechanical watches with functionality as the highest priority. In 2017 Sinn celebrates 20 years of mission timers with the introduction of the EZM 12. EZM 12 – Designed for the air rescue service Every rescue mission to which emergency doctors are dispatched is a race to save lives … Continued

Sinn 6200 WG Meisterbund I and 103 St Sa E

How To Choose The Right Case Material For Your Watch

Modern horology is not defined by functionality, since phones tell the time, or movement technology, the principles of a mechanical watch haven’t changed in two centuries, but rather the materials and construction of the case. Watch lovers today have more case materials than ever to choose from, and luxury timepiece makers are keen to introduce … Continued

Hublot Big Bang All Carbon
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