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On The High Seas – 5 Luxury Yacht Watches

For over 300 years, navigating the oceans and timekeeping have been inseparable. It began with humanity’s desire to discover uncharted territories, creating the need for ultra precise timepieces for navigation over the water. One of the key instruments the British used to build their empire were marine chronometers that helped its navy to become unchallenged … Continued


Royal Flush – Watchmakers For Blue Bloods

These days, pictures of royals wearing complicated or high jewellery timepieces hardly raise an eyebrow. But turn back the clock a few centuries, and it was an entirely different story. Back then, royals were among the very few who could afford the luxury of a mechanical timepiece. With money being no object, their wealth allowed … Continued

Patek Philippe Ref. 5230G

Making The Case For Composites

It is undeniable that the sportier segment of luxury watches has been keen to adopt materials used in today’s most demanding engineering applications. From aerospace to boat racing, the various materials used for today’s most cutting edge performance are ideally suited to house many modern watches. This is especially true when a large portion of … Continued

Hublot Aero Bang Sugar Skull Ceramic Carbon

Toys For Boys – 4 Fun Watches Designed For Non-Conformists

There is a time and place for serious workhorse timepieces, and there is another for those that offer some fun. Whether you desire a soupçon of the latter – merely sufficient to entice a passer-by to steal a second glance at your wrist – or an entire dollop for card-carrying, unabashed attention whores, there is … Continued

Urwerk EMC Time Hunter
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