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Baselworld 2015: SINN Novelties Highlights

German watch brand SINN is known for its technological features and innovation in watchmaking. Robustness, functionality and reliability are the must-have attributes in all its timepieces, notwithstanding quality and precision. The Baselworld 2015 novelties are a proud testament of SINN’s engineering of a powerful breed of time instruments fit for professional use. SINN timekeepers, termed … Continued


Baselworld 2015: URWERK Presents The UR-105 TA

The UR-105 TA a.k.a. URWERK Knight URWERK presents the UR-105 TA a.k.a. the “URWERK Knight”. The UR-105 TA (TA for Turbine Automatic) isn’t round, has no hands, and no tourbillon: It is 100% pure URWERK. It is the watch that the team had the most fun in designing, the most pleasure in developing its mechanisms, … Continued

URWERK UR105-TA All Black

Baselworld 2015: RJ-Romain Jerome Novelties Highlights

RJ-Romain Jerome unveils its creative and imaginative world through its new 2015 timepieces that ignite the dreams and passion of the wearer. From a special collaboration with watchmaking’s famous visionaries, to progressive steps in technical advancements, RJ-Romain Jerome continues to re-define the meaning of contemporary watchmaking with its flair for incorporating design and culture into … Continued

RJ-Romain Jerome Subcraft Titanium

Baselworld 2015: De Bethune Proudly Presents The DBS Tourbillon

Celebrating a decade of technical achievement of the iconic De Bethune DBS Ten years ago, David Zanetta and Denis Flageollet decided to support the Only Watch project – an auction placed under the patronage of Prince Albert II of Monaco on behalf of research into Duchenne Muscular dystrophy – by creating the first DBS, an … Continued

De Bethune DBS Tourbillon

Post-Baselworld 2015: URWERK Presents The UR-1001 “TITAN”

URWERK UR-1001 “TITAN” – Time to roll out the superlatives The URWERK UR-1001 “TITAN” is the craziest, most complex, most desirable, most high tech, most futuristic . . .  in short, it’s the most badass of all URWERK’s creations. It’s an assertive titanium Zeit device indicating seconds, minutes, hours, day, date, month, years, centuries and even millennia, … Continued

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